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About Talanton

In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus teaches about stewardship. As we read Matthew 25, Jesus shares a story of three employees who are working for their master. As the business owner is preparing to leave town, he entrusts each of his employees with a varying sum of talents, or money. The master gave them little direction, but the master’s expectations were clear as to be a good steward of his resources.


After an extended period of time, the master returns and asks each employee to return his money and give an account. Two employees decided to invest the resources that were entrusted to them, while the other decided to bury the master’s wealth in the ground, as to not lose the money. The master was pleased with the employees who managed his wealth effectively and entrusted them with more responsibility. Each of these three were given a specific number of “talents”, or the original Greek word “talanton”. 


As a mission-driven business, we believe that we will give an account with what has been entrusted with us. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Talanton Church Services works for church leaders as an innovative way to help run the business side of their church. 


Talanton’s mission is to aid church leaders in the administration and operations, so that their ministry can have excellence and increase in effectiveness. We exist to serve the local church. Simply put, your ministry is our business.

By utilizing best practices from today’s business world, churches can streamline their practices, processes, and procedures to manage the work week, so the church’s leadership team can focus on changing lives. We specialize in facility stewardship, financial services, video and worship technology, and staffing solutions. 



One way that we are different from a traditional consultant is that we actually lighten the load for your ministry. We do not deliver boilerplate task lists and check back in on your progress every 3 months. Our team works alongside you to bring a fresh perspective to your to-do list and help your team deliver valuable results. We are so confident in our ability to deliver results, that we offer our first month of services for free! 


While you may be thinking that your ministry cannot afford a traditional “consultant”, our pricing structure and the level of support we provide make our services less expensive and more valuable than church leaders typically expect. Call us today for a free assessment and to better understand how our pricing model works with all church budgets. 


Talanton Church Services is really the beginning of a promise dating back to 2005. While at Oklahoma Baptist University, our Founder Kyle Willis, was praying one morning. He had been given a passion for seeing lives changed by the moving of the Holy Spirit, but had a skill set and desire for business. After praying that God take one of the passions away or lead him into a calling that could combine them, the answer received was “Wait”. So after receiving his degree in International Business, Kyle pursued a career in the business services industry. 


By the age of 25, he was managing and leading a team of 60 employees and an annual budget with expenses over $8,000,000. It was during this season where Kyle developed a keen business sense of what it takes to manage large facilities, lead capital improvement projects, develop organizational leaders, administer large budgets, and direct the execution of long-term special projects. After nearly a dozen years of leading teams in Oklahoma City, Memphis, and Northern California, Kyle returned to Oklahoma to start Talanton Church Services. Kyle Willis is a Certified Church Consultant through Thom Rainer's Church Answers and Church Revitalization. Talanton specializes in the intersection of church finances, church facilities, church media, and church staffing. 

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Talanton exists for church leaders. We create margin so the focus can return to your ministry and outreach.

Certified Church Consultant - Kyle Willi
Our Mission
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