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Live Streaming 

Your live stream should draw people in, show them who you are as a church, and be a powerful part of your ministry. We provide professional live streaming solutions as well as training to help make your online services as impactful as your in-person worship.

Live Streaming Solutions

We give you the benefit of our years of experience in church live streaming to help you find affordable and high-quality solutions no matter the size of your ministry. Using the latest in AI-enhanced technology as well as time-tested processes, we design systems to provide the best online worship experience possible for your viewers.

Continued Support

We provide free technical support for one year following every full Live Streaming System installation. In addition, we offer ongoing training and education packages for staff and volunteers in every area of your live streaming ministry.

Volunteer Training

Through our intensive volunteer training processes, we work with you and your team to continually improve the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of your ministry. From camera operating & live-stream production to stream scheduling & management, on-screen graphics & more.

Live Streaming Audio

In an online worship experience, what we hear is just as important as what we see. But audio is one of the most challenging aspects of a church live streaming ministry. Our audio experts can help you find the best solution for your live streaming audio and provide ongoing education for your volunteers to ensure your stream sounds as good as it looks!

What Our Clients Say

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I first started working with Talanton Church Consulting a little over a year ago. Comparing my previous work in church administration to my job now is night and day. With Talanton's expertise to guide and assist me and thusly the church I serve, it has been a tremendous blessing to have a lot of the daily minutiae taken off of my plate so that I can focus my efforts on ministry,

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