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Video Production

We are passionate about helping you get the most out of technology in your ministry. We provide solutions, training and education to help you take advantage of the rapidly increasing number of technical tools available to enhance the experience of leaders, team members, and attendees in your worship services.

Tracks and Automation

Tracks and automation give worship teams the ability to maintain a consistent sound when certain players or instruments are unavailable, or they can serve to enhance a team's sound as the ministry grows. Whether you're just beginning or taking it to the next level with automation of lyrics, lights, etc., we will help you make the best use of these powerful tools for worship.

Sound for Worship

You want your message to be heard. With over 30 years of experience in live sound for worship and performance, we are uniquely equipped to support your team in this most crucial area. We provide sound system design & consulting as well as professional sound operator training.

In-Ear Monitoring

One of the most difficult things worship leaders and musicians face is the need to hear clearly on stage. We provide professional in-ear monitoring systems for your team as well as training on how to use them most effectively so your worship leaders can focus on what they love to do—leading worship.

Volunteer Training

From those mixing live sound for your services to musicians mixing their on-stage in-ear monitors, equipping volunteers well is critical. Through our intensive volunteer training processes, we work with you and your team to maximize the quality, ease and effectiveness of technology in all aspects of your worship ministry.

What Our Clients Say

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Such a great organization! Friendly, professional and quick to respond. They do all of our bookkeeping and payroll which frees up our team to love and serve the people of our city❤️

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