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Church Consulting: Facilities | Perspective

This content is written for Talanton Church Services and

Thank you for listening to the church consulting Tulsa podcast where our goal is to help church leaders make the most out of their ministry. I am Kyle Willis, the Founder of Talanton Church Consulting Services here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At Talanton we aim to come alongside pastors and church leaders to help ease the burden of administration and operations within the church. Today we will be sharing why your church leadership needs a church consultant. At Talanton Church Consulting Tulsa we have the opportunity to talk to many pastors each week about the challenges they have in their ministries. Church consulting can be a curse word around your ministry, but today we want to take the stigma away and talk about why hiring a church consultant can be right for you. In today’s world, specialization of talents is much cheaper and easier than you may think! 


Church consulting is about strategy, mentorship, and discipline. The right church consultant acts much more as a coach than a doctor. When I want to improve my physical health, I may seek out a nutritionist or a physical trainer. I remember one time in my life when this was the case. I hired Angus, who was a foot shorter than me and could have easily bench pressed my weight. When we first started working together, I was lost. I did not know how I should be eating, how I should be working out, or even why I wanted to get in better shape. I simply knew that the stats quo was leading me to less than optimal results. 


The same is true about Church Consulting Tulsa. We do not believe that church consultants give your ministry a spiritual edge, but there is something positive about committing to change and acknowledging that your current leadership team may not have all the resources or answers or time to handle a particular problem. By hiring some outside help to put together action steps and help complete them, you feel compelled to execute at a higher level. 


One of the biggest lifts you will see immediately from hiring the right Church Consulting Tulsa, is the ability for a fresh eyes perspective. I recently talked to a group of pastors that are working on a denominational program to bring more strategy to the next level of pastors. One of their tasks was for the top two pastors to walk around the facility on a Sunday morning and simply take notes as if they had never been on site before. What does the signage look like? How easy is it for a visitor to navigate their children’s check-in process? Was there visible security in place? What were others seeing that the pastor never saw? 


As we moved back to Tulsa and I spoke with a pastor of a church we visited, he asked me what did I appreciate most about my visit. The answer was simple, “That you started on time.” Starting on time, as simple as it may seem, is crucial for the success rate of visitors returning. Keep in mind that the wife was yelling at the kids to get in the car because they were going to be late and that the husband probably yelled at the dog to go outside quickly for the same reason. When visitors show up to your church for the first time, if you do not start on time, all that negative energy was for waste. 


So more than a fresh perspective, Talanton’s Church Consulting Tulsa, can help you focus on systems and processes. Although we will do another podcast at a later date regarding how to implement new processes, your church’s procedures are critical for the long term success of your ministry. Processes help to get everyone on the same page and speak the same language. You probably take time to explain spiritual terms to your members, such as what is baptism, communion, or the importance of faith; why not take time this week to clarify expectations in the non-ministry functions of your church. I attended a church this year, who wanted to bring excellency to their ministry, but the misspellings in the worship slides, the duct tape holding up the entrance sign, and the decorations from two holidays ago, suggested something different. A church consultant can help you set forth systems for any area of your church, not to make it more formal necessarily, but to help give you peace of mind that everyone knows the playbook. 


Finally, Church Consulting Tulsa can help give a deeper level of knowledge to your leadership team. One area that Talanton focuses on is with facility maintenance and facility stewardship. As a church leader, you may have spent your summers on the mission field rather than fixing your father’s car. Do not feel bad if you barely know the difference between a Phillips and flathead screwdriver. That is completely fine; however, you probably should not be directing the maintenance team to complete a proper preventative maintenance schedule of the HVAC system. In our experience, even the Executive Pastor who may be charged with facility management, does not have a technical background to help understand proper care. The reality is that even unintentional neglect will cost your church in the long run. Ask for help from a church consultant or a lay leader that has time margin. You will benefit greatly from the proper relationship. If you do not like the results, you can always go back to what you were doing before.  


So as we know we want to be good stewards of everything that God has entrusted us with, including our staff and resources. So if you are out there today and could benefit from Church Consulting Tulsa, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 405.343.8700 and we would love to come visit you. Once again this is the Talanton Church Consulting Tulsa podcast and it’s our pleasure that you have spent time with us today.

Written for Talanton Church Services. Church Consulting Tulsa | Thriving in Reopening: Church Facilities

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