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 Church Staffing Services

Facility Management

Is handling your church's building distracting you from your mission? 

If your church’s facility could benefit from a fresh perspective, increased management and expertise, or a deeper level of support for your short and long term goals, Talanton Church Services is here to serve you. Facility stewardship is gaining traction as church buildings age and those visiting your church are seeking fresh experiences. The status quo of delaying maintenance, having an organized facility maintenance team, and leaving a ten year building plan to the next generation is outdated and can be improved with our expertise and focus. 


Our typical clients have a small team who are working on janitorial and facility issues. We help manage your team to perform at a higher level. By increasing their productivity by a minimum of 10%, churches experience efficiency and savings worth hundreds of dollars within the first two months of utilizing our facility stewardship program. Another way we help your ministry offset our expense is by providing an analysis of current spend and evaluating options that will stretch your ministry’s budget. We typically see savings of 20% or more in purchasing janitorial supplies alone. 


Our Fresh Eyes Facility Assessment allows us to evaluate items that need attention.


We identify areas of concern within your facility including your HVAC, lighting, flooring, and exterior grounds.


Our experience creates a workable task list and timetables to improve your building's image.


We prioritize all tasks according to staff time and ministry budgets. Our focus creates opportunities to save ministry dollars.



Talanton Process


Our scheduled feedback updates church leaders on the progress and condition of the facility. 

We report the completed tasks, potential capital expenditures, and give feedback on the progress.


Our Talanton Processes delivers actual results that improve your facilities' aesthetics.


We execute proactive and reactive maintenance to that guests will notice. Our management reduces the daily distractions.


Staffing Solutions

Are you struggling to staff your church's administrative openings? 

If your desk is covered in paperwork or if your to-do list may not be completed until next year's Easter services, Talanton Church Services is here to help you. We come alongside pastors and church leaders to aid in the burden that can naturally come with running and leading a church. Many pastors also benefit from talking through best practices with a trusted partner. 

By hiring Talanton, leaders can more effectively manage their schedules, focus on the next steps of their ministry, and avoid the daily distractions which inevitably happen with the traditional model. Maybe now is the right time to test the water and see how Talanton Church Services can reduce your to-do list. Talanton's staffing solutions are flexible and cost less than traditional methods. 

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